Located inside Palazzo Mosca, seat of the Civic Museums, the Sonosfera® is an integral part of the heritage of the Rossini National Museum. The audience is seated in a double auditorium similar to an amphitheater but transparent to the sound. The geode is built to be acoustically perfect, insulated from the outside and completely sound-absorbing inside. The sound comes from 45 speakers positioned in the entire semi-spherical surface around the audience and under the auditorium which combine to create a spherical sound field very close to reality in the center. The spectrograms of the sound and the audiovisual contents are projected in a very high definition 360 ° video corona. The experience that is obtained is that of a real immersion in a sound and visual landscape that leads inside the sound with a very powerful sensory exploration of space. The award-winning “Fragments of Extinction” project - which studies and offers to the general public the soundscapes of equatorial primary forests recorded during expeditions around the world - will be the first cultural content ready to be circulated on an international scale. Given the current drastic changes in climate and natural habitats globally, it is now critically important to bring the 'sixth mass extinction' to attention. The direct and real-time experience of the sound of intact ecosystems that will be experienced within the Sonosphere®, constitutes an instrument of awareness towards the change of paradigm and the ecological transition, now imperative to our civilization. The Sonosfera® will be usable as a semi-stable multifunctional instrument at Palazzo Mosca and will be able to travel around the world during the year bringing the contents produced in Pesaro, Unesco Creative City of Music in European and international museums and cultural institutions. The Sonosfera® is a David Monacchi project. PH. CREDIT: Alex D'emilia


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Piazza Mosca, 29
61121 Pesaro


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