Terms and Conditions

The website artsupp.com is an online multilingual platform dedicated to the promotion of cultural institutions. The site content and its rights are reserved and can be referred to only for personal information. Any improper use of the site information without prior consent of artsupp.com is strictly forbidden. Restart S.R.L is a company based in Rome, Viale Angelico n.101, registered on the Registro delle Imprese with number RM – 1450606. Tax reference and VAT number 13481941006 and owns Artsupp, available online at http://www.artsupp.com. The guidelines below include norms regulating relationships between Restart S.R.L, its customers and those visiting the platform Artsupp.

Arstupp Visitor: he who visits the various webpages on Artsupp.

Artsupp User: he who freely subscribe to the platform Artsupp.

Artsupp Partner: any cultural institution having the requisites whose identity is verified upon joining the platform Artsupp.

Artsupp User

How to become Artsupp User

A Visitor becomes User once he fills out the registration form with personal data (username/email/password), or accessing through their Facebook account. The User pledges to provide information to Artsupp which is true and accurate, and to update it thereafter in their most current form. Every User is responsible for his own account and for all activities carried out from it; every User is responsible for keeping his credentials secrete and not to share them with other Users. In so doing, the User waives Artsupp from any responsibility in the matter.

Artsupp Partner

Who can be a Partner

Any permanent or temporary cultural institution that, according to its own identity, manages and preserves historical heritage for the benefit of the public can be a Partner on the platform Artsupp. Artsupp reserves the rights to assess the appropriateness of all subscription requests.

How to become a partner

Every institutions meeting the above requirement can become a partner after providing to Artsupp all necessary information to verify their identity. The following contents are also required for the creation of the Institution pages on Artsupp:

1. Institutional Name;
2. Description of the Institution;
3. Location;
4. Opening hours;
5. Website;
6. Avatar;
7. Profile Image of video;
8. Images showing the spaces;
9. Images from the collection;
10. Taglines for the images shown (author, name of the work, date, technique);
11. Press release for current exhibitions or future events.

All information included in the profile must be accurate, complete and truthful. Once the required information has been provided, Artsupp will take the necessary time to verify its appropriateness and will proceed to activate the online space reserved to the Partner

Partner Sections

Each Partner will be able to access the following pages:

Info: this section is aimed at highlighting the spaces of the Institution. A short description of the Institution together with images of its spaces and information around opening times will be included, along with the official link to the Institution website.
Events calendar: this section is for the Institution to share calendar of future events and cultural programs.
Collection: a brief overview of the works part of the collection. In cases where the Partner does not have a permanent collection, images of the works temporarily exposed will be uploaded.

Contents published on the Profile are public and will be visible online. The Partner Institution pledges to submit files, images and/or video material of its own property, waiving any responsibility of publishing copyrighted material without prior consent from Artsupp. Likewise, the Partner pledges to submit material not corrupted by virus or in such format as to guarantee no damage to the hardware or software of the portal or of those who will visualise it or download it.

Relationship between Artsupp and the Partners

Artsupp offers to its Partners a free web portal developed with the aim of boosting their interaction with the public of the arts and of cultural institutions. All tools of the Platform aimed at marketing and communication are managed autonomously by Artsupp depending on its needs and objectives. Artsupp offers to the individual Partners visibility on the platform, committing to communicate to its own Users with the available means the activity and the content of the Partners’ cultural offer. Artsupp cannot guarantee that the content of individual Partners will have equal visibility to its Users. It is beyond the control of Artsupp to verify in advance the possible results of the online search, the order of pages or the corresponding content. Artsupp cannot be held responsible from the Users or third parties for what will come out of the web search. Partners remain exclusive owners of what published on the platform in their dedicated section. Artsupp will be able to use with the available means, online and offline, the information, the content and the data made public on www.artsupp.com with the aim of advertising and promoting the platform and the Partners. In order to protect the image rights of Individual Partners Artsupp won’t allow the content of the Platform to be available to download. Information included in the website is published in good faith of its authenticity and truthfulness. Artsupp, notwithstanding its dedication to maintain the website in good order and the information therein reliable and up to date, declines any responsibility for direct or indirect damage resulting from incorrect information having been included on the platform, particularly in those circumstances where information included might be interpreted by the Users as a foundation for decisions on initiative of economic or financial nature.

General Restrictions


Artsupp is committed to maintain its Platform as secure as possible. It is necessary that Users contribute to the security of the Platform by ensuring that: No unauthorized commercial communication (e.g. spam) is included on Artsupp.com; No information is asked from other Users; No access to Artsupp is made through automated tools (e.g. robots, spiders or scrapers) without previous authorization from Artsupp; No virus or other damaging codes are uploaded; No access information is requested from other Users and no attempt to access other Users’ accounts is made; No denigration or derogatory language is used against other Users; Artsupp is not used for illegal, deceptive, discriminatory or derogatory purposes; No action that might hinder the correct functioning or the aspect of Artsupp is carried out (e.g. negation of the service or any action that might disturb or interfere with the pages rendering or other functions of Artsupp); No attempt is made to favour the disobedience to the above guidelines. Artsupp reserves the right to delete the Accounts of those Users who do not respect these guidelines.

Link and third party sites

The website contains hyperlinks to third party websites. The existence of such links does not imply that artsupp.com sponsors or is affiliated with the subjects owners of these pages. Artsupp.com declines any responsibility in regard to the content of the linked websites and advises Users that connection to such links happens at their own risk and is beyond the control of Artsupp. Artsupp advises Users to take all precautions against viruses or other potentially harming elements. Artsupp is not responsible for other sites’ content.


All material published on Artsupp is under copyright of Artsupp.com or third parties. In this regard, we remind Users that the Legge sul Diritto D’Autore forbids unauthorised reproduction and public dissemination (also through file sharing) of works under copyright. It is therefore prohibited to upload online or to exchange works without prior authorization from the authors. The above Law regulates sanctions for the non-compliant. Those found to contravene the above regulation will be prosecuted according to the Law. Likewise, Users should notify Artsupp of copyrights to give Artsupp the possibility to verify them. The present contract is subject to the Italian jurisdiction and the Roman court of justice is the most competent one, should controversies arise.. Rome, February 2018