Area Archeologica e Antiquarium di Colombarone

Immersed in the greenery of the San Bartolo Park, l’ Archaeological site  and the’ Antiquarian  Colombarone site full of architectural traces and adjacent museum with finds from excavations, documenting centuries of history of the Middle-Adriatic territory.

Many years of research from 1983 to 2008, have uncovered a’ only area and special, from which emerged a late antique villa, a basilica and a church.


Dating back to the end the third century AD, l’ stately home was the country residence of a landowner or a state official and many of the mosaics dating from the fourth and sixth century are still visible.

in the sixth century, some of the accommodation areas are abandoned while that of representation is converted into a Christian church; born in that period what willà the early medieval basilica of St. Christopher to Aquilam surrounded by a’ cemetery area.


In the following centuries (VII-X), the church suffers moreù Sometimes changes, assuming considerable dimensions, then to become a simple church in the late Middle Ages. At the end of the twelfth century the most partù old is demolished and in its place built the“ Chiesola” (Demolished in 1858), of whichè was recovered a portion of the perimeter wall.

The Colombarone function as a center of worship notè never extinguished. Not far away, in’ nineteenth century was built a small church and in the early decades of the twentieth century l’ current parish.


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Strada San Cristoforo, 136
61121 Pesaro

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