Museo della Funivia

Museo Della Funivia Di Goglio

The Cable Car Museum of Goglioè housed in the former departure station of the cableway ENEL Goglio-Devero. The small exhibition space is divided into two sections: the first, that d’ entrance, dedicated to the history, the construction and all’ use of’ ski lift for years only connection between the fraction of Goglio and the resortà Alpe Devero; at the center of this room, entirely decorated with paintings that evoke the values ​​of freedomà made by local artist Angelo Bersani (Angelo Devero),è exposed the cabin used for passenger transport. In the second section, where you trace the events that led in 1944 to’ killing of four partisans cultured in’ extreme attempt to escape portions of the rotation of the cable system are still visible, aboard the cable car. The story told through the testimonies, documents and images of’ era, concludes with an excerpt of the new and innovative study of Raphael Rues on SS Polizei. The paintings on the property's exterior walls, anch’ they made from Angelo Bersani, wanting instead to pay homage to the strength and l’ commitment Ossola population during the difficult period of the Resistance.


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ex Funivia
28861 Goglio


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