Situated at’ within   Moscow Palace, seat of  the Civic Museum, the  Sonosfera® è an integral part of the heritage of the  National Museum Rossini. The publicè He is sitting in a double auditorium like an amphitheater but acoustically transparent. The geodeè constructed to be acoustically perfect, isolated from’ outside and completely sound-absorbing all’ internal. The sound comes from speakers located in 45’ entire semi-spherical surface around the audience and below the auditorium that combine to create the center of a spherical sound field very close to realityà ;. The spectrograms of sound and audiovisual content are shown in a video crown at 360° high definition. L’ experience that one getsè that of a true immersion in a sound and visual landscape that leads to’ sound inside with a’ sensory exploration of very powerful space.


The award-winning project“ Fragments of Extinction”&Ndash; that studies and offers the public the soundscapes of primary forests equatorial recorded during expeditions all over the world– sarà the first cultural content ready to be circuited on an international scale. Given the current drastic climate change and natural habitats globally,è now imperative to bring all’ attention to‘ sixth mass extinction&rsquo ;. L’ experience and real-time sound intact ecosystem that will liveà all’ interior of Sonosfera® ;, is one tool of awareness towards the paradigm shift and ecological transition, now required without fail to our civilizationà.


Sonosfera® sarà usable as a multifunctional tool in the semi Palace Moscow and potrà travel the world during the’ year bringing content products à Pesaro City; UNESCO Creative Music  in museums and European and international cultural institutions. The Sonosfera®È a project of David Monacchi. 


PH. CREDIT:   Alex D’ emilia


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Piazza Mosca, 29
61121 Pesaro


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