Museo della Stampa di Jesi


  Museum of Arts of the Press è of Jesi; It was established in 2000 to document the long and important typographic tradition of the cityà who saw for the first birth, in the Marche region, a printing press and, simultaneously, the printing of an early edition of the Divine Comedy, in 1472 by the typographer Federico de’ Conti. The museum is located in the sixteenth  Palazzo Pianetti Vecchio  and develops into a large and bright living room where, in a picturesque setting and great visual effect, are exposed presses and printing machinery from various periods along with rare and precious books. Therefore the museum highlights and deepens the two aspects that characterize the invention that changed the history of human knowledge: the printing machinery and books as a final product.


Volumes exposed trace the history of Book printed by beautiful specimens to the incunabula of the nineteenth century, through their extrinsic characters: title, format, ornate initials, printers', bindings and illustrations. Among theseè should mention the presence of some Aldine editions, some specimens of a rare collection of notifications and gazettes and almanacs, a splendid example of’ edition bodonian of’ Iliad of 1808, and others.

The presses, printing machines , typographic tools such as composing, benefits, matrices, an interesting collection of movable type preserved in their original boxes trace the history of printing from a technological point of view, from the flat printing with a wooden press of the eighteenth century to the piano-cylindrical, composition manual with mobile characters to that of mechanical with linotype.

the material exhibitedè all locally sourced fact the presses, machinery and printing tools are printing Jesi or countries limitrofi.Il Arts Museum of Printingè a living museum, dynamic and in sé great potentialà ;; Some printing presses and printing d’ art, with its instrumentation, are functioning and are made available to both schools, for which they proposed educational workshops, that those who come to the knowledge of typography or printing d’ ancient art (woodcut, intaglio and lithography).

the museum also houses the archives of the printing presses from which the machinery on display come from. These files are accessed by students and scholars and documentary are an inexhaustible source of news about the public, political and social and activityà private, related to più 100 years of history, and more.


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Via Valle, 3
60035 Jesi


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