Domus of Pesaro

Domus - Archaeological Area

The archaeological area of via dell'Abbondanza (also known as Domus di via dell'Abbondanza) was discovered during construction works in 2004 and excavated until 2005; Musealized since the end of August 2015, today it is open and accessible to the public with avant-garde methods of use.

Today's arrangement is the result of the work project by the Archaeological Superintendence of the Marche, the Municipality of Pesaro and the Sistema Museo.

It is an example of a stately home from the early Roman imperial age. The importance and economic availability of the owner are expressed both in the position of the domus in the urban fabric, with the main entrance open on the hinge, and in the richness of the decorative apparatus.

Built between the end of the 1st century BC and the beginning of the 1st century AD, it was restored several times and continued to be inhabited at least until the beginning of the 3rd century AD.

The plan and the architectural scheme appear very regular. The space was organized around the axis that from the entrance passed through the atrium, placed beyond the excavation limits in the direction of the Duomo, and reached the peristyle, of which a large part of the porticoed structure is preserved, with column bases arranged along the internal sides, on the edge of the rainwater collection channels.

On the sides of the peristyle there were the rooms reserved for the private life of the family, which could be accessed through important mosaic thresholds. The mosaics, all in black and white, are widely preserved and constitute the most fascinating element of the house, thanks also to a recent and careful restoration work.

Of the frescoes only portions remain at the base of some rooms, but numerous fragments have been found in the excavations together with stuccos and rare terracotta decorations. excavating one of the original rooms of the domus, already abandoned for some time.


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Via dell'abbondanza, 21
61121 Pesaro


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