Zambon Museum

The Zambon Museum

The idea of the Zambon Museum was born in 2006, with the celebrations for the company centenary. In a former industrial warehouse, physical and intangible objects have been collected that represent the historical heritage of the company, to communicate to the visitor the passions and values of an enterprising Italian family business. A story lived not with nostalgia, but with the will to project towards the future, guided by the inspiring source of the past. Inaugurated in 2008 and part of the Museimpresa network since 2010, it is a living and constantly evolving museum, which becomes a place of culture, aggregation and sociality. The Zambon Museum wants to be a path of values, an experience in which to immerse oneself ideally, a moment in which to take time to reflect, read and breathe the passing time. The visitor is guided along a path of stories and values, punctuated by six containers represented by the six letters of Zambon:

Z – Zambon tells the story of the company

A-Authors is dedicated to people who have worked and still work in the company

M-Make tells the value of doing

B-Brand expresses our identity through the history of our brands

O-Opportunity illustrates our research

N-Now talks about the present, in a container that is constantly being refurbished


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Via Meucci, 8
20091 Bresso


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