Villa Medici

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Past exhibitions

date_range Rosa Beard

Rosa Beard

Ended on 10 October 2022

date_range Jean-Marie Appriou

Jean-Marie Appriou

Ended on 04 September 2022

date_range SPARKS / SPARKS


Ended on 07 August 2022

date_range Giuseppe Penone at Villa Medici

Giuseppe Penone at Villa Medici

Ended on 19 June 2022

date_range Gribouillage / Scarabocchio.

Gribouillage / Scarabocchio.

Ended on 22 May 2022

date_range VillaToilet MartinMedici PaperParr

VillaToilet MartinMedici PaperParr

Ended on 03 April 2022

date_range Art Club #33

Art Club #33

Ended on 27 February 2022

date_range Like a dancing dog

Like a dancing dog

Ended on 09 January 2022

date_range Mircea Cantor

Mircea Cantor

Ended on 19 September 2021

date_range THERE


Ended on 08 August 2021

date_range The Sins

The Sins

Ended on 23 May 2021

date_range In the whirlwind of the whole world

In the whirlwind of the whole world

Ended on 13 September 2020

date_range A modern antiquity

A modern antiquity

Ended on 01 March 2020

date_range '80 - '90

'80 - '90

Ended on 06 October 2019

date_range The wind rises.

The wind rises.

Ended on 18 August 2019

date_range ROMAMOR.


Ended on 05 May 2019

date_range The Violin of Ingres

The Violin of Ingres

Ended on 03 February 2019

date_range Thursdays at the Villa

Thursdays at the Villa

Ended on 13 December 2018

date_range Take Me (I'm Yours)

Take Me (I'm Yours)

Ended on 15 August 2018

date_range Ileana Florescu. Le stanze del giardino

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