Museo Archeologico Nazionale di Venosa

The Museum

The museum, housed in the basement walkways of the Aragonese castle built in 1470 by Pirro Dodge,è dedicated in particular to the Latin colony of Venusia, founded in 291 a.C.Sono illustrates the più phases; ancient man's presence in the territory of Venosa, evidenced by the femur fragment of Homo erectus (about 300,000 years ago), among the mostù ancient unearthed in Europa.Monete, elements of architectural decoration, ceramics allow to define and follow the political and cultural history of the cityà Roman up to the più phases; tarde.Nella epigraphicè exposed the collection of funerary inscriptions and audience, the latter documenting important works by magistrates of Venusia. Interestingè collecting stones enrolled in Oscan, which, in neighboring Bantia (Banzi), during the first century BC composing a templum greeting: open space, consecrated, where he drew the auspices through the flight of birds. Epigraphs and arcosolii figured testify to the allocation of a major communityà Jewish that, between the fourth and ninth century A.D., bury their dead in catacombs contiguous Christian ones.


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Piazza Castello
85029 Venosa


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