Civic Archaeological Museum and Edilberto Rosa Picture Gallery

Civic Archaeological Museum and the "Edilberto Rosa" Picture Gallery

The Archaeological Civic Museum and the "Edilberto Rosa" Picture Gallery are housed in Amelia, together with the Historical Archive and the Municipal Library, in the premises of the former Boccarini College originally a Franciscan convent of the 13th-14th century with a cloister with double loggia built in XVI century.The museum exhibition collects the testimonies of Amelia from the pre- Roman period to that of the complete Romanization of the center, up to the early medieval phase. The oldest section houses the materials of an ancient pre-Roman necropolis , recently found outside Porta Romana. The first uses of the necropolis date back to the 4th century BC: it returned rich funerary objects, with the presence of goldsmiths, coins and other valuable materials that denote the presence of commercial traffic that put the Umbrians of Ameria in contact with the Hellenic world. The richest tomb has returned a stratification of funerary objects from the fourth century to the first century BC and an abundance of mirrors and bronze vessels for banquets. The skeleton of a dog was also found in the necropolis, buried next to a child's tomb. Of notable interest is the bronze statue of the Roman general Nero Claudio Druso, known as Germanicus, found in 1963. More than two meters high, it is armed and covered with a richly decorated cuirass. The bronze of Amelia was probably placed on the campus of the Roman city, the area intended for the physical and military exercises of the local youth. Along with the statue, a large number of grave goods, capitals, trophies and an altar emerged. A multimedia installation “makes the statue of the Germanic general speak”.


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Piazza A. Vera, 10
05022 Amelia


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