Lagopesole Castle

Lagopesole Castle

The Lagopesole Castle is located on the hill overlooking the Vitalba valley. Hunting residence and summer "otium" erected by Emperor Frederick II in 1242. The reference to the domus of Lagopesole in the Statutum de reparatione castrorum in the early forties of the 13th century testifies with certainty the viability of a large part of the building before the death of the emperor. The Angevins completed the construction by restoring the roofs and equipping it with an aqueduct, stables and a small lake in front of it where eels were raised and fished in the lakes of Versentino and Salpi. It consists of two buildings: one purely residential and the other of a military nature, probably of Norman foundation. The external wall face is characterized by the massive compactness of the ashlar surface, interrupted by the entrance located on the western side and protected by two symmetrical projections. Inside, the spaces are marked by two courtyards; the residential areas are gathered on two levels and on three sides around the main one, in the northern part of the building. In the western hall on the upper floor you can still admire the refined sculptures of the capitals and the supporting shelves of the original roofs.


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via Sotto il Castello
85021 Avigliano


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