Museo Archeologico Nazionale Massimo Pallottino

Museo Archeologico Nazionale Massimo Pallottino

The Museum, located inside the  c astello Frederick Melfi , has the important archaeological documentation found in the Vulture-Melfese. At the ageà Archaic date from the grave goods that returned refined   Daunian ceramics, geometric decoration, bronze armor, precious silver ornaments, gold and amber as well asé in production bronze vessels both Greek and etrusca.La  classical section  è focused on extraordinary finds of IV-III century BC including Magna Greek pottery with red figures and monumental polychrome decorative vases with applied figures,  Canosa production,  found in Basin (the old  Forentum). The  Roman phase  è documented by a great marble sarcophagus from the second century A.D. with relief decoration, referable to Asia Minor workshops on the lid that presents the defunct "dormant" and on the side of the slabs and Roman heroes framed in niches.


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Via Normanni - Castello Federiciano
85025 Melfi


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