Museo archeologico delle Necropoli Rupestri

Museo archeologico delle Necropoli Rupestri

The Museum of the Necropolis Rock Institute in the second halfà the last century preserves archaeological and historical memory of the’ Etruscan village of San Giuliano, a center on the outskirts of the territory of the’ ancient cityà Tarquinia, from its origins to the Romanization. The visitè dedicated to dell’ rock funerary architecture widely phenomenon witnessed in Viterbo, but here is remarkable for its monumental forms and the evocative stone landscapes, evoking links to some regions of the eastern Mediterranean.


significant kits from the tombs of different epochs invite to the discovery of the civilizationà Etruscan: Wine jars, precious jewelry, tools for activitiesà domestic, ritual objects, show the need for self-representation of the ancient and mysterious in the delicate transition to the’ to là ;. In the main room are the kits the urns biconical of’ Iron Age (IX century BC.) From Chiusa Top-Sant’ Antonio, ceramics orientalizing (VII century BC.) From Cairn Closed extraordinary Top testimony of the splendor exhibited by Etruscan princes . The heyday of’ lived during the sixth century BC, evidenced by the cave mentioned architectures, it recognizes the significant amountà Etruscan ceramics and import Attic black-figure or large containers of red dough from the Tomb of’ Obelisk of the sixth century BC funerary monument of exceptional symbolic value for the rare milestone in pyramidal shape that stood in the square in front of the tomb where they celebrated the funeral ceremonies. Finally, the rich silver and Etruscan ceramics with red figures of IV-III sec. B.C. century BC, for example, from the Tomb Cervo, try the new flowering of the center during this period. Prerogative of the museumè the close relationship with the Regional Park Marturanum guardian of’ archaeological site that houses the settlement and necropolis, visited equipped and available through thematic tours.


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via Sant'Angelo, 4
01010 Barbarano Romano


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