Area archeologica di Venosa

Area archeologica di Venosa

The archaeological site contains the remains of the monumental  Latin colony of Venusia   (founded in 291 a. C.) from the republican period to ' età Medieval . large public complexes are present, such as the thermal plant built in the first century. A.D. and renovated until the third century. A.D., living quarters, including a domus with mosaic , a block bounded by two axes viari basolati. Bottom majestic pathè l ' Abbey of Holy Trinityà , fully restored making readable the different construction phases: from the imperial Roman house to the complex early Christian Episcopal, plant Benedictine abbey dating back to Norman. 

Among the successive interventions we note the new location, in the sixteenth century, the tomb of Robert Guiscard and his brothers. Both from the park which apse of the church is accessed all'Incompiuta, an ecclesial plant built in Norman times and never brought to completion. The expansion of the park provides for the integration with the adjacent archaeological areas where there are visible the amphitheater and the Christian catacombs and Jewish.


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Località San Rocco
85029 Venosa


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