Complesso museale di San Francesco

The Complex Of San Francesco

The complex includes: the Museum of the Cityà and Land, the Art Gallery, l’ Antiquarium, the Church of San Francesco, the Museum of Civilizationà dell’ Ulivo.

The rooms of the Museum of the Cityà and Territory keep witnesses from Roman times to the nineteenth century. The archaeological section exposes excavated material (stones, inscriptions, crockery) mainly from località Pietrarossa, site of’ ancient Roman Trebiae.

The Art Gallery houses works of extraordinary historical and artistic interest of the medieval and Renaissance periods: triptych quadrittico with l&rsquo stories from the life of Christ by Giovanni di Corraduccio,; Coronation the Virgin by Giovanni di Pietro, known as Spain, a Madonna and Child of the early period of Pinturicchio and the great altarpiece d’ altar with the’ Assumption of the Virgin and saints by Alessandro Turchi said the’ Orbetto.

the architectural style of the Church of San Francescoè very simple, according to the style of the mendicant orders: nave with coverage wooden trusses, with l’ pentagonal central apse flanked by two rectangular chapels. L’ apse presents in frescoes walls of the first halfà the fourteenth century, depicting the Stories of the Life of the Madonna. At the center of’è apse; iconostasis placed a cross of the first three hundred.

We could not miss in Trevi a museum dedicated to olive growing and oil production in the environment trevano and Mediterranean environment. L’ tour itinerary opens with the story of a local farmer who, with the help of dialect expressions, accompanied inside the olive cultivation cycle of production and conservation, with technical guidance on processing and extractive, rituals, superstitions and typically local religious beliefs. The route continues into four sections by didactic: botany; we know the oil and the olive tree; the olive tree symbolizes peace; olive history.


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Largo Don Bosco, 14
06039 Trevi


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