La Civitella

The Museum

It is located on the summità dell’ acropoli    Chieti , the part più top of the cityà ;, which are seen soar the northern slopes of the Majella.

L’ areaè It was leveled in halfà&Lsquo; 800 to create a square d’ weapons was converted into a sports field. During the last two decades of the‘ 900è been excavated and this long research made it possible to bring to light the remains of a sanctuary (second century BC) - which included three  temples   - and the bottom of the’ amphitheater   (first century AD).

L’ museum building, designed by the’ Abruzzo architect Ettore de Lellis,è It was inaugurated on  18 November 2000 in order to allow the’ adequate protection, enhancement and use of temples, of’ amphitheater and the finds recovered during the excavations of the latter, as well asé artifacts from the collection of’ erudite  Vincenzo Zecca , from’ Antiquarian Teatino   and the  archaeological investigations   of Chieti and of&rsquo ; Marrucina area. L’ very wide time span covered goes from the Paleolithic to 1800.

All’ outside the visitor is a modern structure which, while taking advantage of vast spaces of più levels, has a deliberately non-monumental impact, which captures a pleasant fusion between ancient and modern.

All’ inside, the visitor canó choose between  three different museum tours , called“ L’ beginning of urban history &rdquo ;,“ From Rome yesterday ” and“ The land of the Marrucini ”.


Permanent Collection

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Via Generale Pianell (Museo la Civitella)
66100 Chieti


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