Museo Comunale di Palazzo Santi

Museum of Palazzo Santi

The collection housed in the seventeenth-century Palazzo Santi has a number of valuable polychrome terracotta (XI-XVI century) and an extraordinary group of sculptures, which includes works in wood, terracotta, stucco and stone dating from the thirteenth and fifteenth centuries, rare examples of medieval heritage of sacred art. Noteworthyè The Our Lady of Poggioprimocaso , a monumental example of the flourishing local production of wooden polychrome Madonnas. The collection is completed ideally with the statue Tobias and l’ Angelo , the Marche school, on display in a glass case in the choir of the Church of Sant’ Antonio Abate.

From the thirteenth century Umbrian churches are enriched with sculptures made directly or influenced by sculptors from northern Europe. In the following centuries the Umbrian sculpture follows the ways of the Abruzzo, whose main characteristics are the’ accentuated arcaicismo of’ expression, frontal view of the’ image and the’ expressivityà faces. These items are widely found in Cascia sculptures.


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Via Gaetano Palombi
06043 Cascia


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