Musei di Montalcino, Raccolta Archeologica, Medievale, Moderna

Montalcino Museum

The Civic and Diocesan Museum of Sacred Art of Montalcino is hosted within part of the former Convent of Sant'Agostino, dating back to the fifteenth century and adjacent to the Church of the Saints Filippo and Giacomo. The restoration of 1977 made it possible to bring together the two pre-existing museums, diocesan and civic; Thus, a suitable environment has been created to welcome and enhance the great altarpieces, the tables and sculptural groups which, in chronological order, lead to a long, compelling journey into the artistic production linked to the city.

The large and organic collection allows you to discover local artistic production from the Middle Ages to the historic twentieth century, with a particular importance of the Sienese pictorial tradition of the 1700s and the '500, represented by Masters such as Bartolo di Fredi, Simone Martini, Ambrogio Lorenzetti, Giovanni Di Paolo and Healthy Di Pietro.

Among the works enclosed in the Montalcino museum, numerous painted ligned sculptures linked, in the Middle Ages, to a series of liturgical needs and made by the major artists of time, from Jacopo della Quercia to Francesco di Valdambrino. The Lignee statues give the whole environment a sort of sacredness and give the visitor an idea of ​​the wealth of works of art enjoyed churches and chapels of Montalcino and the territory.


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Via Ricasoli, 31
53024 Montalcino


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