Museo Città di Cannara

The Museum

The rooms of the City Museumà They cannara retain a large collection of archaeological finds from the excavation of Urvinum Hortense, at Collemancio, evidence of’ occupation of the site by’ età pre-Roman times to the Middle Ages. The museum also houses a collection of paintings and sculptures, medieval and modern, from the main churches of the cityà and some palaces.

The tour begins on the ground floor: in the first room you can memorize options discover a collection of wind instruments and percussion early‘ 900, as well as scores and d’ historic photographs that attest to the well-established musical tradition of the cityà Cannara. At the same level it starts the archaeological path with a first room which houses archaeological pre-Roman and Roman. But certainly the place d’ honorè reserved for the polychrome mosaic from the thermal spas of Urvinum Hortense, of whichè You can also enjoy a’ fascinating insight from’ high. This mosaic dates back to I-II century A.D. andè the più great find coming from’ ancient Roman town. Along the four sides, immersed in a luxuriant vegetation, they are presented six pygmies traits strongly caricatured, exotic animals victims.

Beside the archaeological section, finally, find space collections d’ art of the Pinacoteca Civica. The frescoes torn in 1907 by the Church of the Madonna del Latte, also known as Santa Maria delle Fontanelle, near Collemancio, they occupy a’ entire room.


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Via del convitto, 20
06033 Cannara


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