Civic Museum of Bevagna

The Civic Museum

It is housed in the eighteenth-century palace that belonged to the Lepri family, formerly the municipal seat, and consists of an archaeological section and the art gallery, with works of art from churches in the city and in the area; it offers testimony of artistic production and local devotion. These collections constitute, in fact, an irreplaceable source from the point of view of the history and culture of Bevagna, indicative of the way of being and thinking of a community.

ARCHAEOLOGICAL SECTION The selected group of archaeological materials, whose primitive nucleus dates back to the end of the eighteenth century, includes finds from the archaic to the imperial age : fragments of sculptures, inscriptions, funerary steles, coins of the Roman republican age, bronzes, ceramics and cinerary urns locally grown. These finds integrate the conspicuous archaeological collection walled up along the stairs of the building.

PINACOTECA The picture gallery owes its formation to post-unification demaniations, later increased by other works from churches in the city and in the territory. Documenting the liveliness of local art between the end of the sixteenth century and the first half of the following century are the works of the Bevanati artists Ascensidonio Spacca known as il Fantino (Cassa del Beato Giacomo and Madonna di Costantinopoli) and Andrea Camassei (San Giuseppe and Testa di Santo) . The Adoration of the Magi by Corrado Giaquinto and the Madonna and Child by Dono Doni are also valuable.

Among the wooden works is the wooden model of the Church of the Madonna delle Grazie.


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Corso Matteotti, 70
06031 Bevagna


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