Museo Archeologico Nazionale di Spoleto

The Museum

The monumental complex that houses the museumè It built on the Roman theater structures and it reuses materials and walls part. The Roman Theater (I cent. BC)è used, during the events of the Festival of Two Worlds, is there a place for shows and concerts. The museum hosts events related to’ alternation between school and work and cooperation with the City of Spoleto; Guided tours Theme Parks; conferences (including the annual cycle, also planned for 2018, Telling the story); book presentations; concerts; temporary exhibitions (including, in 2017, Christmas cribs); workshops and educational tours. Following the earthquake, they were carried out interventions for the safety of the structure. Through exhibits from the più research; recent documents the earliest evidence of human presence in’ area of ​​the fortress and the old town, dating back to’ età bronze, and the development of’ settlement in the Umbrian phase, especially evidenced by the rich grave of VII-VI centuries. B.C. the necropolis of d’ parade ground.


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Via S. Agata, 18/A
06049 Spoleto


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