MANOR - National Archaeological Museum of Orvieto

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The Archaeological Museum collects the most recent materials found in the city and in the territory; therefore constitutes, together with the Museum of the Faina Foundation, located on the opposite side of the Piazza del Duomo, a synthesis of archaeological knowledge on Orvieto. The rooms of the Museum collect, according to a topographical and summarily chronological order, the materials recovered during the searches in the necropolis and sanctuaries near the city of Orvieto, as well as all the artifacts found as a result of works carried out in the urban area, thus placing themselves as formidable instrument of knowledge of the social and cultural reality of one of the richest and most important centers of Etruria.

In the main room there are materials of ancient and new found from the northern necropolis of Crocifisso del Tufo. Noteworthy are some funerary objects, rich in objects, both imported and locally produced, such as the buccheri.

The adjoining room contains some grave goods recovered during the excavation in the necropolis of Porano , one of the smaller centers that rose to crown the city on the cliff. The burials are of a high standard and in some cases have been embellished with wall paintings, among the few examples of this artistic expression, at least in internal northern Etruria. In an adjacent room the reconstruction of the two Golini tombs is proposed, found at the end of the nineteenth century, whose paintings, detached from the walls of the tombs, for obvious reasons of safety and correct conservation, have been relocated according to their original positions.


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Piazza del Duomo
05018 Orvieto


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