Museo Paleontologico Montevarchi

The Paleontological Museum in Montevarchi

  Paleontological Museum of Montevarchi , located in the spaces of a medieval Franciscan monastery around the fifteenth century Cloister of St. Louis, is the result of the activities of the’ Valdarnese Accademia del Poggio , born in 1805.

the initial nucleus of fossil forms with specimens collected in’ the  area; Valdarno , the fossil pelvis of the most important in Europe. In 1810, Georges Cuvier, the founder of paleontology and of’ comparative anatomy, studying the collection of fossils. In the following decades the Museum, opened to the public in 1829, sees further increase its collection thanks to the reports of citizens. Today the collection numbers about 3,000 exhibits.

At the end of 2014, after a long period of restoration, the museum opens its doors with a new display that allows you to discover, in a scientifically rigorous and educationally effective, l’ evolution of the natural history of the Valdarno from 3 million years ago. Of the new display is also part of the’ exceptional fossil of Mammuthus meridionalis discovered recently at Terranuova Bracciolini (AR), excavated and restored on site and placed in a separate room from December 2019.

In 2016 inaugurated the Section Archaeological“ Alvaro Tracchi” which displays many Etruscan and Roman finds Valdarno and Etruscan artifacts of’ the Viterbo area.

The new section is inserted to complete the paleontological path, such as deepening of the historical character of the human presence in the area.

the museum is part of the spectacular Great Hall of the’ Academy, home storage, a rich bibliographic collection that has many incunabula and old editions from the libraries of the convents suppressed the Valdarno area. 


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Via Poggio Bracciolini 36/40
52025 Montevarchi


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