The Antonino Salinas Regional Archaeological Museum is located in the center of Palermo. The Museum was founded in 1814 and in 1977 was dedicated to the archaeologist and numismatist Palermo Antonino Salinas. Salinas was also a great collector of antiquities. Its funding amounted to about 6641 pieces, who at his death in 1914, were donated to the Museum. The collection consists mainly of books, prints, photographs, personal items, manuscripts and a numismatic collection of 6000 coins. The first core of the museum began as a collection of the University of Palermo and housed the finds from several private donations and Campania excavations. The museum now houses a section devoted to artifacts found during underwater excavations, such as: stone anchors, loading ships, lead shafts, amphorae, inscriptions and lamps. Some sections Phoenician - Punic, Greek and Roman find sarcophagi, stelae, sculptures and objects from Selinunte, Agrigento, Tindari, Syracuse and Camarina. The Roman era is definitely the richest finds thanks to the collection of sculptures and mosaics from the Victory Square villas in Palermo. Of great value is definitely the fragments of sculpture from the Parthenon, which refers to the statue of the goddess Athena. The Museum is home to events, exhibitions and conferences related to the archeology and history of the old Palermo.

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Piazza Olivella
90133 Palermo

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