Museo Nazionale del Ducato di Spoleto

Rocca Albornoziana

Rocca Albornoz , conceived as a defensive garrison, took on the appearance of residence (of popes and governors); preserves, in’ apartment of Castellano, a cycle of frescoes of the first halfà the fifteenth century. 

The National Museum traces the history of the Spoleto territory from the fourth to the fifteenth century. It has hosted exhibitions (such as: Black Light Art, part of Lightquake 2017 project, until 25 February 2018; Treasures of the Nera Valley, exhibition of works saved from the places affected by the earthquake, including the Madonna with Child, restored by the FAI Umbria) events (including #instameetSpoleto Community Instagram Igers Umbria on 4 February 2018), educational workshops; initiatives related to’ school-work and the national civil service; Themed guided tours (including L’ art of touch for the Day of the rights of people with disabilitiesà), conferences, meetings (such as the one on’ power of’ High Middle Ages in’ scope of Italian Langombardorum).È protagonist of the project New itineraries for the Museum of the Duchy of Spoleto. 


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Piazza Campello, 1 (Rocca Albornoziana)
06049 Spoleto


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