MANU - National Archaeological Museum of Umbria

National Archaeological Museum of Umbria

The National Archaeological Museum of Umbria , also known as MANU , has been based in the architectural complex of San Domenico since 1948.

The museum's exhibition itinerary includes seven itineraries that from prehistoric times lead to Roman times , passing through Umbrians and Etruscans.

Since 2009, a profound renewal of contents and exposure has been initiated, especially in light of the new acquisitions, such as the Tomba dei Cacni .

There is a room with the amulets of the Bellucci collection, the numismatic cabinet and the Goldsmiths and monetary treasures exhibition.

The National Archaeological Museum of Umbria in 2017, was home to exhibitions at European level (Celts of Bratislava; Grimm Museum. Amulets and fairy tales of Umbria) and national (Museum games. Ancient and modern toys); of exhibitions relating to museum collections (including: Armoire 16; Astronomical instruments; Musical instruments); international conferences mainly focused on Etruscan culture and conferences with an annual program (also scheduled for 2018), including The profession of the archaeologist; themed guided tours are periodically offered.

In March 2018, a new section dedicated to epigraphs in everyday objects was inaugurated.


Permanent Collection

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Piazza Giordano Bruno, 10
06121 Perugia


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