Ligurian Archeology Museum

Ligurian Archeology Museum

The Ligurian Archeology Museum was inaugurated in 1936 and reopened in 1953, after the reconstruction after the war.

An exhibition itinerary was created on the life, occupations and economy of the peoples who once inhabited Liguria.

The finds came from the caves of the Riviera di Ponente (Balzi Rossi, the caves of Toirano, the caves of the Finalese) and there were tombs of Ligurian warriors from the Iron Age and the funerary objects of the pre-Roman necropolis of Genoa.

Furthermore, there are testimonies of Ligurian cities in Roman times , Egyptian antiquities from the Albertis collection and a collection of ancient vases donated to the city by Prince Oddone of Savoy.

The exhibition itinerary expanded in the 2000s, is equipped with numerous didactic aids and develops in 13 rooms, recounting the various eras of prehistory in Liguria according to a chronological criterion thanks to the Paleolithic burials from the cave of the Arene Candide , the very rich kits of the pre-Roman necropolis of Genoa ; the excavations of the cities of Roman Liguria; the collection of Greek and Roman antiquities of Prince Odone of Savoy; two rooms dedicated to the Egyptian collection and Roman marbles.


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Via Pallavicini, 11
16155 Genoa


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