Taverna ducale

Taverna Ducale

Built for the Duke of Popoli,  John Cantelmo , between 1333 and 1337,è a rare example of medieval civil architecture in Abruzzo. Admirableè especially the outer facade, carried out in square blocks of limestone to the height of stringcourse and characterized by light windows, from the portal ogive and by the sequence of the  arms   showing heraldic elements relating to the Anjou , to Cantelmos and other families linked to the lords of Peoples, alternating with coats of arms in bas-reliefs with fantastic figures.

While highlighting the typical structure of the  home workshop , was used for the collection and deposit of the tenth, as a sort of bank counter linked to the flourishing economy of transhumance. He later became“ Taberna ” for the opportunityà given to travelers to refresh and stay overnight. Today it houses a small  Antiquarian , which displays a collection of stone materials from the surrounding territory. Among the artifacts there are two headless statues from the Roman era limestone, a’ pagan altar of the century. A.D., a fragment of inscription of the first century. A.D.; a stele made of limestone, dated between the first and second century. AD. They are also exposed to a column of the sixteenth century adorned with Ionic capital with underlying anthropomorphic figure and motifs phytomorphic two corbels and an inscription of 1519, relating to lanificio Giovannella Carafa, coming from’ adjacent Palazzo supplied and two reliefs, dating back to the XVI century, depicting the Almighty and the Angel of the Annunciation, showing the sinuous form and drapery all the elegance of their bill.

the building, located in the center of a cityà a tourist destination, adjacent to’ natural area of ​​the headwaters of the river Pescara and all’ archaeological and monumental area of ​​Corfinio, also hosts temporary exhibitions and events andè an active, participatory visit, open to all types of user and use.


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Via Giuseppe Garibaldi, 13 (taverna ducale)
65026 Popoli


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