Complesso museale di San Francesco di Montone

San Francesco

The museum complex is housed in the church and convent of San Francesco. From a monumental cloister leads to’ interior of the church, where are preserved traces of frescoes dating from the fourteenth to the sixteenth century. The Pinacoteca houses, among più works; prestigious, the wooden group of the thirteenth century, representing the   Deposition; and the banner of Bartolomeo Caporali depicting the  Our Lady of Mercy. The visitè enriched by ethnographic museum“ Talking Drum” which exhibits the collection curated by Enrico Castelli, Africanist anthropologist of’ Università Perugia that for about thirty years deals with the study of African cultures.

The Church is the central core of the museum, preserving numerous frescoes mainly votive. The surviving pieces of più frescoes; ancient, dating to the second halfà the fourteenth century, suggest that immediately after the’ building of the church will put his hand to a wide decorative intervention. The più outcomes; the highest decoration of the church belong to memorize options the next century, when the’ building became the family church of Fortinbras who generously contributed to its embellishment, providing it with altars, furnishings and paintings. In the church there are also valuable wooden works, such as the counter judges with inlaid motifs inspired by“ grotesque&rdquo ;, the wooden choir and the pulpit.

The collection of the Art Gallery includes a group of paintings dating from the sixteenth to the eighteenth century, from the churches of Ram, the village witnessed the relationship with Perugia and Cityà di Castello. The   Deposition; woodenè among the most valuable works. The four components of whichè composed perhaps they were part of a group of five figures, with Christ, the Virgin, St. John the Evangelist, St. Joseph d’ Arimathea and Nicodemus. Among the most seventeenth-century paintingsù significantè one representing  Sant’ Anthony of Padua and Child.

The new archaeological section, finally, collects evidence of a discovery of a Roman villa near Santa Maria di Seven II d.C century.


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Via San Francesco
06014 Montone


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