National Archaeological Museum of Campli

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The museum is located in some rooms of the ancient convent of San Francesco founded towards the end of the 13th century. It is accessed through a portico where it is still possible to admire the precious mullioned windows and the polylobed portal that introduced the Chapter Hall. Started by the superintendent Valerio Cianfarani to house the prestigious finds of the Campovalano necropolis from the excavation campaigns begun in 1967, the museum was inaugurated in 1989. With the help of graphic and environmental reconstructions, the exhibition itinerary illustrates the evolution of the funeral rite from a Pretuzia ethnic group with a Middle-Adriatic or Piceno cultural background. In the first room "Campovalano before the Italics", the daily life in the villages during the Bronze Age and in particular in the XIV and XIII centuries BC is illustrated. and the tomb of a child has also been reconstructed (9th century BC), found in the locality of Coccioli. The following rooms are entirely dedicated to the necropolis of Campovalano with an exhibition of grave goods and reconstructions that show the evolution of the funerary rite at the Pretuzii (rooms 2/9 The First Burials in Campovalano - The Signs of Wealth - The Sons of Aristocracy - Reconstruction of tomb n.2: The Tomb of a King - Social Differences - Aspects of Female Life - A Wealthy Teenager - The Age of Crisis) In the anthropological section, the bone remains analyzed offer valuable information on sex, diseases, traumas, malformations and the age of death. Finally, in the space dedicated to "novelties" the rich trousseau of a young aristocrat is exhibited, composed of numerous and refined jewels, among which the precious necklace of grains in gold foil of the Magna Graecia culture and the silver bracelets of the Celtic tradition stand out. Connected to the Archaeological Museum of Campli which exhibits its finds, is the necropolis of Campovalano located in the territory of the municipality of Campli, which has returned 621 burials, the oldest characterized by large mounds enclosed by stone circles.


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Corso Umberto, 1
64012 Campli


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