Museo archeologico nazionale di Campli

The museum

The museum is housed in some circles of the old convent of San Francisco   founded in the late thirteenth century. It is accessed via a porch whereè You can still admire the fine mullioned windows and polilobato portal that introduced the Chapter House. Initiated by the superintendent Valerio Cianfarani to host the prestigious relics of the  necropolis Campovalano   from the excavations started in 1967, the museum was opened in 1989. With l’ use of graphic and environmental reconstructions, the exhibition illustrates the’ evolution of the funeral rite at a Pretuzia ethnicity or cultural Middle-Adriatico Piceno. In the first room“ Campovalano first of the Italic&rdquo ;, the daily life in the villages is shown in the course of’ età Bronze and particularly in the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries B.C. .. ;, andè also rebuilt the tomb of a child (IX cent. BC), found in resortsà Coccioli. The following rooms are dedicated to the necropolis of Campovalano with exposure kits and reconstructions that show’ evolution of the funeral rite at Pretuzii (salt 2/9 The Prime Burials Campovalano - Signs of Wealth - The Sons of’ Aristocracy - Reconstruction the tomb n. 2: the tomb of the Kings - Social differences - of Female Life issues - a Rich Teenager - L’ Età the crisis) in anthropological section, the analyzed bones offer valuable information about sex, disease, trauma , malformations and l’ età of death. Finally in the space dedicated to the“ noveltiesà”È exposed the rich set of a young aristocratic composed of many fine jewelry, among which the precious bean necklace foil d’ gold Magno-Greek culture and the bracelets d’ silver Celtic tradition. Connected to the Archaeological Museum of Campli which holds the relics,è the necropolis of Campovalano located in the municipality of Campli, who returned well 621 graves, the più Ancient characterized by large mounds enclosed by stone circles.


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Corso Umberto, 1
64012 Campli


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