Museo Civico delle Cappuccine

Museo Civico delle Cappuccine

Museum of the Capuchin Bagnacavallo è a municipal cultural institute, was born in 1976 in the spaces of’ former convent of the Sisters of the Poor Clares St. Jerome. The rich heritage preserved in the museum is divided into several sections: the Section d’ ancient art contains remarkable artistic treasures from the fifteenth to the nineteenth centuries, mainly più from the territory, with interesting works of artists such as Ramenghi Bartolomeo, Andrea Lilio, Happy Cignani and Ferraù Fenzoni. Fascinatingè Also the location of the Section of the twentieth century, where alternate pictorial masterpieces of Remo Brindisi, Virgilio Guidi, Ernesto Treccani, Enzo Morelli and many others with valuable collection of sculptures“ Vittorio from Borgo&rdquo ;, which collects works from other Medardo Rosso, Giacomo Manzù ;, Tullio Figini and Giovanni Prini.

But the museumè ; now nationally known as one of realityà più active in Italy in the field of d’ art graphics, this thanks to the’ intense activityà research, documentation and promotion of the language engraver continued steadily in recent years. The Print Room of the museum preserves a rich heritage, with moreù 13,000 prints maintained itself as one of the più important Italian collections on’ contemporary engraving. On the open side, in particular, the museum is pursuing a major line of investigation on più great international artists who were able to maximally express their greatness through the’ incision: the big show Albrecht Dü rer (2019)è only the’ last in a series of exhibition of successful projects that have been held abroad’ public attention l’ art of Marc Chagall (2016), Francisco Goya (2017) and Max Klinger (2018). From 2015 also the Museum of the Capuchin organizes the Biennale of Engraving« Joseph Masters» artistic event of national significance that in its two first editions involving più a hundred contemporary artists between the cityà Bagnacavallo and Ravenna.

Still on the graphics d’ art recently the Civic Museum of the Capuchin opened a big project innovatività based on the digital technologies: Digital Repertoire of’ Contemporary Italian incision. This tool collects and makes available the information sheets più 1,500 engravers and the catalog cards (with pictures) of nearly 13,000 graphic works preserved in the Prints. The database will also make available other valuable tools for the representation of the significant events of’ art of engraving in our country, such as the monitoring of the main artistic prizes have shown, and continue to illustrate the trends of this artistic language così antique and great potentialà expressive. The digital Repertory collects information on these events, allowing not only to automatically rebuild in the charts of artists the memory of their presence in these important events or premiums from their achievements, but in fact also to reconstruct the recent history of’ Italian engraving and its protagonists.


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48012 Bagnacavallo


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