Camminamenti sulla cinta muraria e Museo Monteriggioni in Arme

Camminamenti e Museo Monteggironi in Arme

Inside the Castle of Monteriggioni, fortress built by the Senesi at the beginning of the 13th century, it is possible to visit the circuit which includes the walkways on the walls and the "Monteriggioni in arms" museum.

Walking on the walls were made in the early years of the two thousand and consist of two distinct catwalks of different lengths, placed near the village doors. The routes ideally shed a path of medieval Ronda, which could have existed in the past even in Monteriggioni.

From the two walkways it is possible to observe the castle from a privileged position, but also enjoy a breathtaking panorama, ranging from the hills of Chianti to the forests of Montagnola, up to the distance, in the distance, to the towers of San Gimignano.

The "Monteriggioni In ARME" Museum, with access from Piazza Roma 23, is an educational path articulated in four rooms, which traces the period in which Monteriggioni had a military outpost of the Republic of Siena.

Each room, dedicated to a different century between XIII and XVI, consequences reproductions of weapons and armor presumably in the area and bilingual panels that illustrate local history and the techniques of siege and defense of a medieval castle.

The exposed pieces were made respecting the ancient techniques, referring to original elements if existing and to coevis depictions of soldiers and battle scenes.

Particularly appreciated is the possibility of handling and wearing some parts of armor, which offers the public a direct interaction with exposure, making it active part of the educational path (at the moment this activity is suspended due to the health emergency).


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Piazza Roma, 23
53035 Monteriggioni


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