Castello Piccolomini

The Castle

Castle Piccolomini of Celano, protected by a mighty wall, marked by trenches and ramparts, overlooking the majestic and imposing on Fucino once a lake. Belonging to the type of fortified residence,è It consists of a central block of perfectly symmetrical rectangular shape and four crenellated corner towers at the cardinal points. Born as a military fortress at the end of the century. XIV, by the willà of Count Pietro Berardi, it was later expanded by his granddaughter Covella with her husband Leonello Acclozamora. It was finally completed and turned into a residential building by Antonio Todeschini Piccolomini, nephew of Pope Pius II, in the aftermath of the investiture Count in 1463 by Ferrante of Aragon Napoli.Altre ruler of noble families took turns over the centuries, until it became propertyà state property in 1938. Looking for a radius of several kilometers around the area of ​​Fucino, the Castleè seat since 1992 National Museum of Sacred Art of Marsic .

The museum unfolds on a single plane through 8 exhibition halls , articulated in più thematic sections: sculpture (stone and wood), paint (mural on canvas and wood) and jewelery. The beautiful works come from all over the Marsicano territory and are dated between the sixth and eighteenth centuries.

to note the two carved wooden doors, built in the twelfth century, the precious triptych of Alba Fucens with fine miniatures and the cross Orsini dated 1334 .

the castle also houses a archaeological section dedicated to the Torlonia Collection, consists of artifacts found during the draining of lake Fucino. Of particular importance and beautyè limestone relief in the second century. A.D. with views of the cityà and its territory.


Permanent Collection

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Largo Cavalieri di Vittorio Veneto
67043 Celano


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