Museo Archeologico Nazionale della Siritide

The Museum

The Museum presents some of the più discoveries; significant for the two citiesà Greek Siris and Herakleia and inland indigenous centers. At the stage of the cityà Siris are referable votive statues and funerary objects of VII-VI centuries BC with figured pottery of local production, among the mostù old buildings made of Magna Grecia. One finds moreù significant related to Herakleia, matrices are presented for statuettes found in the workshop area, votive objects found in sanctuaries and especially important funerary objects of IV-III century BC characterized by splendid ceramics with red figures and fine jewelry in gold filigranato.Il museum exhibits also some of the più important discoveries made in the enotri centers (IX-V century BC) and Lucan (fourth century BC) inland. It is extraordinarily important funerary objects marked, during the VII-V century BC, from bronze armor, silver jewelry, gold and Amber vessel with geometric decoration indigenous, from Greek ceramics figurative and Etruscan vases bucchero.


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Via Colombo, 8
75025 Policoro


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