Museo Archeologico Nazionale di Metaponto

Museo Archeologico Nazionale di Metaponto

Metaponto, from the end of the seventh century BC,è was the seat of one of the più important Greek colonies of southern Italy. The museum has a reconstruction of the archaeological context of Metaponto territory, from the Prehistory up to Late Ancient period and is divided into several sections which illustrate: the initial forms of the population at the hands of Enotri-Choni during the media età Bronze and età Iron; The arrival of Greek dall'Acaia (Peloponnese region) during the seventh century B.C. .; colony formation with the occupation of the territory and the development of the cityà ;; the transformations of the italic centers of the hinterland between VI and IV century B.C. .; the period of the Roman conquest and the gradual abandonment of Metaponto.


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Via Aristea, 21
75012 Bernalda


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