Museo archeologico nazionale di Adria

The National Archaeological Museum of Adria

Surrounded by a large tree-lined park, the Museum illustrates the extraordinary history of the Delta of the Po river, an area that in ancient times illustrated the link between the Mediterranean world, Northern Italy and central European culture. The story of Adria is rich and complex. It arose as an Etruscan river port, where locals traded with ships from Greece in search of raw materials such as Baltic amber, silver and tin. During the Roman age, the city maintained the role of a link between East and West.Its importance is evidenced both by having given its name to the Adriatic Sea, and by the rich collections preserved in the archaeological museum, which include Etruscan bronzes and jewels, Attic black-figure and red-figure pottery and an extraordinary collection of internationally famous Roman glass.The modern city, immersed in a landscape of water and history, is the natural gateway to the Po Delta Park, a UNESCO biosphere reserve.


Permanent Collection

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Via G. Badini, 59
45011 Adria


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