Parco Archeologico dell’Area Urbana


The archaeological site  home to the monumental remains of the cityà of Metapontum, founded by the Achaeans during the second halfà the seventh century. a.C.Comprende urban sanctuary, part of’ agoraà and l’ north-south road axis on which it s’ sets the’ entire urban system. L’è sacred area; It characterized by Doric temple buildings (Temple of Hera and the Temple of Apollo) and ion (Temple of Artemis) and a shrine probably dedicated to Athena, made from the sixth to the fifth century BC Nell’ agoraà stands l’ architectural grandeur of the theater that in the fourth century BC It replaces an archaic building for the town meetings. Among the’ agoraà and the line of the eastern walls develops Castro Romano, probably the site of a Roman military garrison in the third century. B.C..


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Località Metaponto Scavi
75012 Bernalda


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