Museo Civico Archeologico di Mergozzo

Museo Archeologico Di Mergozzo

The Archaeological Museum of Mergozzo, which began as Antiquarium in 1969, established as Museum  Civic in 2004 and renovated in 2018, offers a journey through time from prehistory to the Middle Ages, displaying artifacts from all over the territory of Verbania. The prehistoric remains, exposed on the first floor, date from the end of the’ età Stone and all’ età Bronze: it is mostlyù the lithic industry from Mergozzo, along with materials from other resortsà (Baceno, Baveno, Crodo, Cesara, Omegna, Brovello Carpugnino, Verbania…), among which stands out the bronze dagger of Passo dell’ Arbola. The first età Ironè documented by a burial warrior Montecrestese, while the ripe old ageà Ironè represented by numbers kits, the necropolis of Carcegna and Crodo territory. On the second floorè presented l’ età Roman, through materials from the many excavations carried out in Mergozzo, which allow you to capture both the burial customs is some aspects of daily life, cults and ancient production techniques. Rounding out the path the finds of the late ancient tombs (IV-V century AD) of Carcegna and those early medieval San Giovanni in Montorfano, opening a glimpse of the end of the ancient world and the Christianization of the territory. Enrich the tactile path locations, for a multisensory approach, and multimedia entries, which open a virtual look throughout the country.


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Via Roma, 8
28802 Mergozzo


Discover all the locations: Associazione Musei d'Ossola

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