Museo Le Energie del Territorio

Museo Le Energie del Territorio

The "The Energy of the Territory" Museum was born from the need to deepen the knowledge of renewable energy, with a view to respecting and enhancing the territory as priority aspects in the conscious and sustainable use of energy.

The itinerary aims, in fact, to make people appreciate a territory that presents itself with particular environmental characteristics and that is why the guided tours are not limited to the museum, but go out to discover the environment and its energies (in particular the central Pianacce).

Through educational panels and practical reconstructions, the museum makes it possible to understand how it is possible to pass from a natural phenomenon to energy, both mechanical and electrical, to measure it and clarify its applications: the space is set up as a laboratory and the theme of renewable energy it is presented through some functioning models that can be activated by visitors, facilitating through interaction with them the understanding of the phenomena described in the captions. The aim is mainly to raise awareness among new generations of issues relating to sustainable development and the correct exploitation of resources.

Particular attention is paid to the theme of geothermal energy, a real wealth of the Radicondoli area, where it is exploited for direct uses (greenhouses and civil heating), as well as for the production of electricity, guaranteeing sufficient quantities for the consumption of about 50,000 families. .

The exploitation of geothermal energy is illustrated by means of a short documentary, educational panels and equipment used for the research and use of hot fluids present in the subsoil, whose stratigraphy is reconstructed through a series of rocks that go down to over 4,000 meters.

For groups it is possible, after booking, to continue the visit outside the museum, to find out more about the cultural, natural and scientific characteristics that this special area has to offer: the guided tours include a visit to the geothermal power plant, to some natural events and the nearby greenhouses where district heating is used.


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Via Tiberio Gazzei, 2
53030 Radicondoli


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