Museo archeologico nazionale Antiquarium Turritano e area archeologica

National Archaeological Museum Antiquarium Turritano and archaeological area

The Antiquarian Turritano, built in the early '70s and opened to the public in 1984, is located in the archaeological area of ​​Turris Libisonis, the Roman city which was built the modern city of Porto Torres. This colony boasted the only port in the north-west of Sardinia, which had established direct relationships with the ancient port of Ostia. The colony was developing the harbor and along the final stretch of the Riu Mannu, hosting the bridge, built at the beginning of the first century A.D., which is an exceptional feat of engineering. From the windows of the top floor dell'Antiquarium you can enjoy the view of the archaeological site, which preserves important remains of the ancient urban neighborhoods of the early and middle imperial age. The exposed materials - mainly dating back to the third century A.D. - come from the excavations of this area and attest lively relations with all regions of the central Mediterranean, Aegean and Western. The exhibition и divided into two sections: the first concerning statuary and architectural sculpture of religious buildings, the second relating to everyday materials found in the spa, in tabernae, other private buildings and cemeteries. Many panels illustrate the location and the main data of the numerous excavations in and around the city, while a great floor plan places the areas of excavations in the current urban situation. Inside dell'Antiquarium is including the environment of a heated spa.


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Via Ponte Romano, 99
07046 Porto Torres


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