National Archaeological Museum Antiquarium Turritano and archaeological area

National Archaeological Museum Antiquarium Turritano and archaeological area

The Antiquarium Turritano, open to the public since 1984, was created to preserve and exhibit the rich archaeological heritage from the ancient colony of Turris Libisonis, the Roman city on which the modern one of Porto Torres was built.

The colony boasted the only port in the north-west of Sardinia that had established direct relations with the city of Ostia. It developed on the port and along the final stretch of the Riu Mannu, where the bridge is preserved, built at the beginning of the 1st century AD, an exceptional work of engineering.

The Museum's collection consists of finds that come from the excavations carried out on this site and testify to the lively relations with the civilizations of the central, western and Aegean Mediterranean.

Along with the museum itinerary, it is possible to visit the adjacent archaeological area consisting of the Central Baths, the Domus of Orpheus and the Pallottine Baths.

The Turritano Antiquarium has been recently restored and renovated according to a modern and accurate exhibition concept that focuses on the visitor and accessibility.


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Via Ponte Romano, 99
07046 Porto Torres


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