Museo Archeologico di Fara in Sabina

Fara in Sabina Archaeological Museum

Established in 1980 at the’ Farfa Abbey, the Civic Museumè was transferred in 2001 in the Palace Brancaleoni Fara in Sabina, Renaissance building located in the Cathedral Square of the medieval village of the cityà.

In the museum are exhibited archaeological finds made in the territory since the early’ 70 related to the main settlements of’ ancient Sabina tiberina: Cures and Eretum, più sometimes mentioned by Roman writers for the role it played in the history of the founding of Rome and of civilizationà Roman, which passed the baton in these lands.

Thanks to’ activityà Support provided to research conducted by the Archaeological Superintendence of Lazio and from’ Istitutoperl’ ArcheologiaEtruscoItalica CNR, which have unearthed the remains of these ancient citiesà ;,è could determine the historical and cultural profile of this people, which took office in Sabina starting from’ VIII century BC until the conquest by the Romans in the third century. B.C..

The Palazzo Brancaleoni rooms display findings and evidence of settlements from prehistoric times to Sabine’ Roman times. From spearheads to scrapers, through the primitive villages of Cures Sabini, to arrive at the grave goods orientalizing of the tombs in the necropolis of Eretum and inscriptions as the“ Cippo Cures”.


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Piazza Duomo, 3
02032 Fara in Sabina

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