Istituto Svizzero - Milano

Past exhibitions

date_range Patience Will Reward Those Who Lie in Wait
date_range Beatrice Marchi & Mic Sanchez

Beatrice Marchi & Mic Sanchez

Ended on 09 July 2021

date_range Sophie Jung

Sophie Jung

Ended on 14 November 2020

date_range Marc Bauer

Marc Bauer

Ended on 10 July 2020

date_range The Most Beautiful Swiss Books

The Most Beautiful Swiss Books

Ended on 11 January 2020

date_range Ramaya Tegegne.

Ramaya Tegegne.

Ended on 26 October 2019

date_range Renée Levi.

Renée Levi.

Ended on 05 July 2019

date_range Alfredo Aceto

Alfredo Aceto

Ended on 16 March 2019

date_range Urban Zellweger.

Urban Zellweger.

Ended on 19 January 2019

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