Museo Nazionale d'Arte Medievale e Moderna Palazzo Lanfranchi

The Museum

The National Museum d’ Medieval and Modern Art of Basilicata is based in Palazzo Lanfranchi, a prestigious building constructed, immediately behind the Caveoso, between 1668 and 1672 as a seminary. The exhibition of the museum on the first floor of the palace is divided into three sections: Sacred Art , Collectibles and Contemporary Art . The Sacred Art section is made up of a group of works, paintings on canvas, on wood, sculptures, wooden and stone artefacts, coming from the region said that they lost the’ original location or, taken to be subjected to restoration interventions, they are temporarily exposed, to document the’ activityà the protection, preservation and enhancement of the Superintendence for the Historical Anthropological Heritage plays in the area and tell the story and l’ figurative art of Basilicata. The section of the Collectibles displays a selection of paintings from the collection Camillo d’ Errico in Palazzo San Gervasio, an important testimony of nineteenth-century private collections in Basilicata which includes over three hundred paintings of the Neapolitan school of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, including masterpieces of artists d’ excellence within the figurative culture of these centuries. The Contemporary Art section presents works by Carlo Levi (Turin 1902- Rome 1975), including the great canvas‘ Lucania’ 61’.


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