Civic Gallery of Trento

Civic Gallery

The Civic Gallery of Trento was annexed to the Mart - Museum of modern and contemporary art of Trento and Rovereto in October 2013, expanding the Trentino museum center dedicated to contemporary art.

The project in Trento establishes a constructive dialogue with the territory, with the inhabitants and with those who visit the city, confirming both the link with the Province and with the institutions, as well as the international and cosmopolitan vocation of the Gallery.

To confirm the roots with the territory and the attention that the Museum wants to dedicate to young people, the ADAC, the Archive of Trentino contemporary artists, has also merged into Civica, whose research work on the territory is preparatory to training, production, circulation of artists from Trentino, as well as of interest to researchers, curators, gallery owners and cultural operators.


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Via Belenzani, 44
38122 Trento


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