Archeological Site And Veleias Antiquarium

The archeological site and Veleia's Antiquarium is located in the municipium of Veleia, founded following the Roman conquest of the second century BC in the heart of the territory of the Ligurian tribe of Veleates, on the site of the existing indigenous center. The town developed on a sloping terraces system. The hole was built on an artificial shelf obtained with a massive excavation. Paved the time of Augustus by Lucio Licinio Prisco, an important local magistrate, is surrounded on three sides by a porch which opened shops and imposing entrance pubblici.Un environments allowed access from the lower terrace. On the opposite side of the complex it was closed from the basilica, where rose the twelve large statues of Luni marble, representing the members of the Julio-Claudian family, now in the National Archaeological Museum of Parma. Upstream are the remains of the living quarters and a cultural termale.Patrimonio building in the region since 1760, when the Duke of Parma Don Philip of Bourbon started exploration following the chance discovery (in 1747) enrollment bronze the Tabula Alimentaria Trajan Veleia is one of the most important archaeological sites in northern Italy. The Antiquarium, recently re-equipping, includes exhibits illustrating the most significant moments in the history of Veleia.

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Strada Provinciale, 14
29020 Lugagnano Val D'Arda


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