National Archaeological Museum of Parma

National Archaeological Museum of Parma

Founded in 1760 by Philip of Bourbon to house the finds found in the Roman city of Veleia (PC), under the government of Maria Luigia (1816-1847) it was enriched with collections of coins, Greek and Italiot ceramics, prestigious Egyptian finds ( sarcophagi, a mummy and other objects), as well as materials found in the theatre, amphitheater and other contexts of Roman Parma.

In the second half of the 19th century, prehistoric finds also began to flow into the museum, coming from the "terramare", Bronze Age villages typical of the Po valley.

The visit to the Museum begins right from the prehistoric section, and already in the first room it is possible to admire a 20 cm high terracotta statuette depicting the mother goddess, lady of life and rebirth, made in the middle of the 5th millennium BC, in the middle of the Neolithic period. After the pre-protohistoric section (with materials dating from the Palaeolithic to the Etruscan and Celtic times) you enter the hall of the "Veleia statues", which houses 12 statues of members of the Julio-Claudian family; also worth a look is the scene on the ceiling, painted by Francesco Scaramuzza, which celebrates Archeology and reproduces some of the exhibits on display in the museum. In the next room, one of the most important finds appears, the longest bronze inscription from the Roman era (1.38 x 2.86 m) known to date: the Tabula Alimentaria Traianea, which contains the description of the properties and the landowners who are beneficiaries of a loan granted by the imperial coffers, the interest of which was destined to support the poorest boys.

We continue in the wing destined to the extra-territorial collections (Greek and Italiot ceramics, coins, Egyptian section) and then, retracing our steps, complete the visit with the rooms dedicated to the Roman and late ancient times, where pieces architectural elements, finds (ceramics, glass, bronzes) from rich necropolises and various other urban and extra-urban contexts.

Currently you can visit the new wing, with the setting up of the Ceramics Room and the Rooms of the Egyptian Collection.

In 2023 the Museum will be fully open to visitors after the redevelopment and rearrangement works.


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Piazzale della Pilotta, 15
43121 Parma


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