An impressive portal wooden faux marble painting marks the entrance to the Teatro Farnese built on Ferrara designed by Giovan Battista Aleotti. Conceived in order to realize the work-tournament, a sumptuous kind that only the princely families could afford, where the melodrama merges with the game in arms pretending the war event. The vastness and the particular shape of the spaces, and the rich plastic and pictorial decoration that covers the architectural structure of the Farnese Theater have made that became a model for the subsequent Baroque stage design. Since 1986 the Teatro Farnese is the entrance, scenic and unique in the world, the National Gallery of Parma, whose museum itinerary offers the visitor a tour full of curiosity and emotion that develops in chronological and geographical area of ​​production, closely related to the original structure of the building that houses it.

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Piazzale della Pilotta, 15
43121 Parma

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