Archaeological Museum in Peccioli

The Archaeological Museum of Peccioli

The Peccioli Archaeological Museum is located in the city center. The Museum was founded in 2004 to preserve and promote the finds found in the Etruscan archaeological site of Ortaglia, near Peccioli. The excavation campaigns have brought to light votive objects and decorations of a temple or a sanctuary. Some of the artifacts found refer to spools and looms, typical of female work, which made us think of the cult of a female divinity. The funerary equipment from the Etruscan tomb of Legoli, a series of materials relating to nocturnal cults and a cylindrical vase with four bowls for votive offerings to the divinity are of great importance. Interesting is the multimedia exhibition that reconstructs the history of the excavation and the finds found. The funeral kit consists of a ring, a belt and a headdress from the first half of the fourteenth century. Thanks to the multimedia and educational laboratory, the Museum brought children and schools closer to visiting the museum.

The most consistent evidence collected today comes from the archaeological excavations in concession conducted since the early 2000s in two main sites: Podere Ortaglia for the Etruscan age and Colle Mustarola for the Roman, Lombard and medieval age. In both cases we are witnessing unusual scenarios, considering the marginality of the territory with respect to the major gravitational centers that have distinguished themselves since ancient times in the area that today we identify with the province of Pisa.

On the basis of the data collected thanks to the excavation campaigns financed by the Municipality of Peccioli and Belvedere SpA, the possibility of exhibiting the materials found was necessary, which resulted in the opening of the Archaeological Museum of Peccioli, also fully funded and strongly desired. by the entities mentioned above. The museum itinerary is organized according to a chronological line and divided into three sections, each dedicated to the sites from which the exhibits come: Etruscan section from Ortaglia, Etruscan section from Legoli, Roman, Lombard and medieval section from Colle Mustarola.

A cross-section of the history of the area that spans two millennia, from the Archaic to the Late Middle Ages.


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Piazza del Carmine, 33
56037 Peccioli

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