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Museums of Strada Nuova, Palazzo Tursi

In the extraordinary setting of Via Garibaldi (Genoa) , the magnificent Renaissance and Baroque Strada Nuova declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site , there is an original museum itinerary that connects three important Genoese palaces: Palazzo Rosso, Palazzo Bianco and Palazzo Doria Tursi.

Built in the Century of the Genoese, Palazzo Doria Tursi, in addition to hosting the Mayor's reception rooms, welcomes the expansion of the Gallery of Palazzo Bianco.

In the monumental rooms, famous pieces such as the Guarneri del Gesù, a violin that belonged to Paganini, a remarkable display of decorative art works, and the collection of official coins, weights and measures of the ancient Republic of Genoa.

A specially arranged room in Palazzo Tursi is dedicated to Niccolò Paganini (1782-1840), given that the famous Genoese violinist and composer by will wished to bequeath his favorite instrument to his hometown "where it may be perpetually preserved", the one which for the fullness of sound had nicknamed "my cannon violin", while other memorabilia of the artist have been added over time through the generosity of the heirs or by other means.


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Via Garibaldi, 9
16124 Genoa


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